Kaiping city Xinxing casting technical development department
Sand Mixer
Equipment features
Rotating vane is adopted in this machine, it can mix silica sand with resin and firming agent more quickly and equably so that the resin and firming agent can evenly attach at the surface of the sand. Comparing with other traditional coated sand, it can lower much cost.
This machine is mainly used for sand mixing in casting workshop, it can be used for all kinds of sand mixing. It can also be used in other industries for mixing various powder and granular materials such as glass, ceramics, fire materials and son on.
Main parameter
Model S201 S202 S204
Production rate 1T/h 2T/h 4T/h
Mixing capacity 10kg per time 30kg per time 50kg per time
Working cycle 10-15s 20-25s 25-30s
Motor power 3kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Way of sand coming out Maual Pneumatic Pneumatic
Way of material feeding Maual Maual Maual
Remark   S202-Tis full-auto type S204-Tis full-auto type
Main technical parameters