Kaiping city Xinxing casting technical development department
Aluminum Gravity Casting Machine
Equipment features
Main parameter
Main technical parameters
Items Technical parameters
Dimension of the mold (W * H) 600×500m
Right moving mould plate opening stroke 250mm
Left moving mould plate opening stroke 250mm
Max. clamping force 90KN 
Max. opening force 65KN
Min. distance between the left & right mould plate 300mm ~280mm
Dia. of the left & right mould-clamping cylinder φ100mm/φ55mm
Ejecting core cylinder stroke 200mm
Dia. of ejecting core cylinder φ100mm/φ55mm
Max. core pulling strength 65KN
Worktable tilting angle can set up any angle between 0°~90°
Worktable tilting speed 4°/S≤V≤ 8°/S
Electric source AC3 , 380V, 50HZ 
Hydraulic station rated power 7.5KW
Pressure grate of hydraulic system 16Mpa
Working pressure of hydraulic system 12Mpa