Kaiping city Xinxing casting technical development department
Burning furnace
Equipment features
No matter what heating type it is, the temperature of our furnace is uniform. The temperature heats up quickly so the heat efficiency is high. Besides, the automatic temperature control system is adopted, which is convenient for operation.
This Burning furnace is mainly used for calcination of mold shells as well as for the heating treatment of metal materials and parts in the investment casting industry. There are mainly 3 kinds of heating ways: electric heating, oil heating and natural gas heating.
Main parameter
Model YRX11-1.0 GYT-75-03
Power source 380V, AC 380V, AC
Effective size of the furnace chamber 1000*1000mm 1250*1200mm
Size of furnace gate 580*580mm 580*580mm
Rated temperature 1200℃ 1200℃
Power 3.75kw 3.75kw
Oil consumption (1060℃)13—16kg/h (1060℃)13—16kg/h
Rate of temperature increase (810-1060℃) 8—10 mins (hot furnace) (810-1060℃) 8—10 mins (hot furnace)
Weight 6600KG 7800KG
Main technical parameters